10 Fun Campfire Games For Adults and Families

10 Fun Campfire Games For Adults and Families

Spring is not so far away, and with more favorable weather comes time for the outdoor tours and campfires. Sitting around the campfire is one of the most remarkable things to do when you are camping with family or adult friends. So, If you are planning your camping trip with your gang or family then check family camping tents that are the best fit for your whole gang.

Add in some amazing campfire games and it’s also an opportunity for limitless craziness, laughter, and fun. The camping games are more effective and fun. Best played near to the campfire and usually in teams.

We've split this article up into two parts: campfire games for adults and campfire games for families. Only the best games in my collection have created this list so I hope they bring you a lot of memories and good fun!

Campfire Games for Adults

1. Emotions

While playing the emotions game team members need to be relaxed enough to do some performance to make this game work. It’s absolutely fun when this game is played well.

One or two people leave the room and the group that resides chooses a word with as many letters as players in the group. Every person takes a letter and gets it in order so they spell the word obviously. All players become a mood/emotion that starts with that letter.

If the ‘ON’ players return. Players can ask any question which must be answered in the emotion. If the emotions are guessed correctly, then only the new guesser and secret word is chosen.

2. Mafia

You can start your night by playing a Mafia game and you could end up playing for hours and so on. It gets more complex with more roles, more misleading (of course, lying is permitted), more collaboration, and more backstabbing.

It’s somewhat involved to set it up and its benefits if one person, who knows the game well, can address the first round. But once you get going it’s smooth to play. And extremely enjoyable.

3. Make Me Laugh

The ideal staredown game is next on our list of easy campfire games for adults! This one can be more complex to play as it gets darker and darker outside and one needs to be trickier.

Players face-off and the player who will laugh first is the loser. Notice how long does it takes the most serious people to crack! You can make one laugh by making faces, telling them insanely dank jokes, asking them the stupidest questions, and so on.

It doesn’t matter much what you do as long as you keep the “opponent” laughing.

4. I Can Tap This Stick Just Right

Don't worry, this game doesn’t require any stick to play. You can simply use a bat, a pencil, a pen, a fork, or any other item that you have around at the campfire. Btw it's not hard to find any wooden stick around or else you can even use a bonfire stick.

There’s one person who is in the know and they always start with Clearing Their Throat and stating “I can tap this stick just right,” then the stick is passed to the next person to tap it. 

It doesn’t matter how the stick is tapped, the trick is if the player clears the throat first or not. Rest players usually get busy watching the way the stick is tapped, its location, and how it's held by the person and it can be possible that they may not notice the clearing of the throat first.

The playing lasts until everyone from the group catches on about the throat-clearing as part of the game.

5. Fortunately/Unfortunately

In Fortunately/Unfortunately game, a person starts the story with a sentence (i.e. "Today I ate a mango.") and the person next to him/her must continue the story, starting their sentence (first person's) with "Unfortunately…" The next person after them must go on, however, this time starting with "Fortunately…" to keep the story. The story keeps moving around the campfire circle, shifting between "fortunately" and "unfortunately" until the story seems complete.

6. Fruits

Fruits is a good game to play on-going during the twilight or even across a weekend camping. You don’t need to be playing the game continually but can dip in and out of it during the day to catch the next player out.

All players decide the name of a piece of fruit for themselves. The player who is on must require to say another player’s fruit three times – ‘apple, apple, apple’ – before the target can say it once. If the players got succeed the named player becomes on.

If they do not succeed then the player stays on and need to try again with the same or another fruit. The players will soon realize that the fruits with the longer syllables are harder to get on so you may want to switch each player’s fruits once they understand the game.

They will also learn that it’s best to catch/caught a player out while they are distracted in another task or conversation.

Campfire Games For Families

7. Name That Song

Name that song is the best campfire game for families if there’s a musician/part-time singer in the group — who can play any song on the guitar, on-demand!

This game is pretty easy, the guitarist plays a riff for a few minutes and the other players try to guess the song.

This can be distributed into two teams for competition and if you have two guitarists, the game can become more competitive. If you don't any guitarist then you can also play tunes on speaker. Hopefully, they know how to play songs.

8. The Name Game

To play the name game in a group, pick any topic: for example, celebrity names, places, or animals. The first player will have to name an item that fits the subject and begins with the letter A.

Members then take their turn one by one to name another item for the list that starts with the last letter of the item named before.

For example, if the topic is animals, the game might go like: sambar, rat, tiger, etc. Formerly named, items can't be repeated. The player who is unable to add an item during his/her turn is eliminated until only one winner is left.

9. Sound Train

All players agree on an initial sound, for example, ‘pch' or ‘sh’, and take turns saying a new word that begins with the chosen sound. The game proceeds until someone is unable to think of a new word to add. The last person to answer selects a new sound for the next round. 

10. In The Pond/Out Of The Pond

This was one of our favorite games during our family camping trip to texas, and is still one I like as an adult! It’s easy, needs no props, and will get everyone in laughs immediately. 

It’s also an outstanding camping game for large groups, despite their age. You’ll require one caller and the rest will need to sit in a circle around the campfire by keeping their hands on the tops of their thighs. 

The caller will say any one of three things without a particular order:

  1. In the pond: everyone needs to put their hands forwards into the circle (circle mean pond).
  2. Out of the pondeveryone requires to put their hands above in the air (which means out of the pond).
  3. On the bankeverybody needs to put their hands on their thighs back.

If anyone moves or relocates their hands to the incorrect place or at the incorrect time then they are out of the game and need to sit on their hands until there is only the last person left in, who is the winner of the game.


Taking it simple around the campfire can relax after a long day of hiking and outside activities. However, if you're looking to switch things up and get ready or competitive, these several campfire games can keep you engaged and entertained during the night.

Did we forget any of your favorite campfire games? Please let us know about it in the comment, so that we can update it.